Music is axiomatic view as sounds that are arranged in a way that’s pleasant or exciting to listen to. Or as a food for the soul; it is composed with lyrics and chorus, in order to have a sweet and perfect song most fork uses instrument to complete their musical work.

As early define, despite the factual that most Benue or Nigerian youths are into music, most sing to enlighten about their culture which DanA4 is part of this great job within the state.


DanA4 is a young Benue super star who travel mostly all the state to showcase and promote the culture of the Tiv people through his songs, DanA4 title his music record as the Bantu music, which is a clear indication that, his music focal merely on the culture of a precious middle belt people known as the Tivs.

Daniel Aondonengen Ayo (Dan A4) held from the lower valley of the Benue Bantus in the middle belt of Nigeria, Dan A4 is one among the fast raising talented music Artist with song writing and modelling skills, cute vibrant fair and average height young adult of 32yrs old, known to be an Activist, Dan A4 owns a Royal title and award as Peace Ambassador of our land, he is currently working with APIN public health initiative as a community health service provider in Ukum, Katina Ala and Logo LGAs of Benue state.

It is quite interesting to remind us that, this African Benue Artist is the founder of the Bantus African music and an award winning Artist with Hit reality songs trending across the cosmos such as, KANYI, HOT, IF, KAMO, MZAMBER,HIGH TENSION, HELLO AFRICA, UNLEASH ALIA ,and lots more; research tell us that, this young Benue talent Artist due to his humble life, he is manage by Mr. Powersnix Aondover.

It is no longer news about the mismanagement and forgetfulness of Benue culture and tradition which help in emerging leadership, this thrown the people living in Benue state to a state of poor and miserable living.

Poor living in the sense that, what ought to be done is not done and the whole masses who Starve praying and getting registered with INEC to be recognised on the day of voting to excise their franchise are not been represented well, and their voice are not heard.

This prompted DanA4, a young talented peace loving guy to release a single using his sweet melody to educate and appreciate his people about how wise they have proven to him by making a rightful decision by choosing Rev Fr Alia to represent them.

Music being the food of the soul, which can be interpreted in many ways, here we can understand it base on the suffering benue leaders has thrown their people into a condition of perpetual calamity and suffering, which DanA4 speak to his people to help calm their souls and feel satiated with the winning and ruling of Rev Fr Alia.

Stand up Benue

Stand up Tiv people

Written by Prince Alaka jnr



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